Interactive revelations
We create unique, digital and playful experiences that engage and unite your audiences.
The platform
The experience
THG is the first crowd-induced revelation platform.
Because we are convinced that fun is the key to action, we have developed a unique platform that allows us to unveil an image, one fragment at a time, thanks to the engagement of communities (members, patrons, customers, partners, visitors...).
A euro, a first name or an email can reveal the fragment of an image, initially hidden.
Whether it is a piece of art, a new product, a brand identity or an objective to be reached, this playful revelation mechanism allows you to unite your ecosystems around a common objective and to innovate in the collection of donations, data, in your digital communications and in the animation of your events (festivals, galas, parties...).
Engage through innovation,
Convert through fun.
April 2020 - "The grateful confined" By THG - Clear Channel x Fondation Hospices Civils de Lyon
An unprecedented experience with concrete and measurable results, at the service of companies, museums and associations.
Positive and fun data or donation collection
Attraction of a new public sensitive to visual art, solidarity and/or digital art.
Innovative mechanism of engagement and/or donation in an established user experience or pathway
Creation of a sense of belonging in a community (customers, employees, donors, fans of influencers...) sharing the same values.
Rewards (drawing of lots) and incentives to enhance the value of each participation, even if symbolic.
Customized online and/or face-to-face operations, deployed on the URL of your choice
To reveal an unpublished artwork during an inter-exhibition period, to engage your future visitors, to create a pre-visit mediation offer or even to finance the restoration of a piece.
To finance an action, a program or to engage your gala/events' participants on a playful and/or artistic donation mechanism...
To reveal your new products, to organize a personalized contest, to engage your public with your brand, to create an internal event, to facilitate the playful dialogue between your collaborators on an event ...
years at the service of innovation in interactive digital reveal actions
Wow effect reveals, from 30 participants and up to 30,000.
x 4
Amount collected per artwork compared to a traditional auction.
+ 60%
Newsletter subscription and retention rate, all operations combined
An image to unveil?
The custom-made
30 days and +
The campaign
20-30 days
Proposal of artists or creators for the image to be revealed + negotiation of rights
Writing of the contents for the platform + configuration of the operation
Deployment of a responsive mini-site on the URL of your choice
10-14 days
Configuration of the platform and the revelation message according to your campaign objectives
Adaptation of the Terms of Service and the personal data charter, export of collected data
The platform
Filling with your content
€ and +
Deployment of a responsive mini-site (URL in
Operation conception according to your objectives + management of external partners (artist relations, influencers, press, associations)
Adding/removing blocks of content, setting up the operation, setting up automated Mailjet emails to each participant, website deployment
Optional: presence of a host at your event, modification of the reveal effect
Adaptation of the Terms of Service and the personal data charter, export of collected data
A huge thank you and again a big bravo to Elodie and her team. Pro-active and professional from A to Z, you can entrust your project to THG with your eyes closed. With them, we set up a high impact and meaningful operation that we will not hesitate to reproduce!
Our NGO loves the concept of THG. Bringing together solidarity, art and digital to make donations accessible to all, to companies, to their employees, to their customers, in a fun and immersive atmosphere, it's very innovative! We have already benefited from two great operations and are ready to renew.
— Leslie Gomez
Head of Partnerships Entrepreneurs du Monde
What I love about this mechanism, it is that it allows me to give a bit of myself and my artistic work to a useful cause, which I have chosen, in an innovative way ... and of course, that it allows to really improve the living conditions of some people.
— Carole Ritrovato
Hublo Festival Coordinator
Successful fundraise, one year of services funded... A huge thank you to THG for all they did! Without them, we would not have been able to go so far.
— Ana Alkan
Dispensaire Vétérinaire Etudiant President
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