Interactive revelations
About us
THG creates collective experiences that unite the general public. We reinvent the collection (of donations as well as data) by making the process enjoyable, playful and creative of both meaning and value.
Passionate creators, our team is made up of developers, art directors, marketing directors and an extended family of talents: copywriters, translators, photographers, motion designers and, of course, our extensive community of artists and visual artists...

Since 2019, the "By THG" mechanism animates and makes possible the collection operations by revelation of The Hope Gallery - Available here in grey mark, it is at the service of brands and associations to facilitate their digital communication, events, collection operations and the engagement of their audiences.

THG is the winner of the 1st prize "Lyon Start Up" 2018, the "Emotion" prize for "Jeune Entreprise Accélérée" 2020 and member of French Tech One Lyon St-Etienne.
Our commitments
Data Management & GDRP Compliance:
  • THG's infrastructure is hosted by Scaleway ( on servers in France.
  • We only store restricted data on our mechanics for the entire duration of our service. This database is private and is only accessible to the DPO and Technical Director of THG.
  • The data that is public or accessible to the THG team and its partners is stored on read-only databases and comes from the automated compilation of our mechanics (like a block-chain, event stacking). If an order to delete personal data is recorded in the mechanics, the data will be deleted from the public databases within 24 hours, thus anonymizing the revealed fragments, without altering the current revelation.
  • We are able to carry out collections of donations on behalf of third parties. Thus, the money collected never transits through our accounts, it is immediately transferred by our partner Stripe to the beneficiary association or organization. THG is a participative financing platform regulated by the French authorities. ORIAS registration n° 19006325.
Responsible Energy Consumption & Eco-design:
  • We use virtual instances that allow us to scale servers according to the load and not waste resources unnecessarily.
  • Our user experiences are designed in mobile first, with a minimum of elements and features.
  • Access to our APIs is controlled by cache gateways to avoid processing and handling every request. This greatly accelerates access to our services and also limits resource consumption.
  • Each mini collection operation website is a static site hosted on a micro-service that does not require any additional processing and processing outside of THG's APIs.
  • THG's services are protected by Cloudflare from DDOS attacks and resources are propagated worldwide, thus avoiding IT architecture redundancies in a new geographical region.
We can't wait to reveal your projects, one pixel at a time.
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